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Important Questions You Should Get Curious with Your Real Estate Agent 

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An open inspection can be quite stressful; however, it is vital to make sure you don’t regret the home you purchase, even if this is the case. It is a wise option to ensure you are getting the best purchase in your house hunting journey, and to make sure you get to do your part in the process and make the most out of the opportunity; ask the right questions to your real estate agent. To give you the help you need, we have provided some of the most important questions you should include in your curiosity list.  


  1. What is the age of the property?  

We all know that entropy follows all of us, and the same thing happens to properties and all things in general. With age, a property can require more maintenance and repair. Making sure you ask the age of the property you are eyeing is one way to escape further costs and charges in the future when you will be living in the property.   

  1. Why is the previous owner selling the property, and how long have they lived in the property?  

Bargaining the property you are interested in is difficult to do without knowing what you can bargain with. Make sure to include this question in your list to have something you can bargain with. When the previous owners have already purchased a new property, they could be in a hurry for the property to be sold, and you can quickly grab the chance to get cheeky with what is being offered. With the background story, you can get a chance to take control over your journey to owning a home.   

  1. How long has it been since the property was on the market?  

A property that was in the market for more months than usual can have an underlying issue. It can be that the property is high in price or because it has issues with the repair, location, and others. If you want to be safe and sure in your purchase, take this question as an opportunity to warn yourself of a faulty purchase.   

  1. Has the house been renovated or encountered a big problem?  

This is mostly a job that concerns a building inspector; however, it is nice to know that you have this information. With this question as a tool, you can skip wasting your time or resources in the process. Being upfront with this concern can help finalize your decision whether you will go with the property or not. To keep yourself ahead of the game, don’t forget to ask for a copy of the report on the building inspection of the property to know what’s going on fully.   

  1. What’s the usual monthly bill of the previous owner?  

This question may be out of the scope of the real estate agent; however, it is still good to ask and receive a possible answer to ensure you are buying a property with a fully-functional HVAC system. With this information, you can quickly gauge if any repair needs to be done with the HVAC system of the property and can be a quick measure of whether it is worth the added investment.   

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